Digital Run

Car Pursuit

Breaking NEWS!
John : We are interrupting this morning news to report a car pursuit, probably originating in South Lake Union, near Interstate 5, during the morning rush hour. We switch back over to Barry, who's flying the K-News Ride-To-Work Surveillance Helicopter, Barry…

Barry: Hey John, this is pretty rad! We’ve got Lone Star trying to catch what appears to be a non-descript van. Someone is lurching what appears to be gas grenades from the top of the vehicule…Let’s try and get a closer look. * starts zooming in * The image is still blurry has this is a high speed chase but we can clearly see…Is he aiming at us? Oh god! * image fizzle out * We’re hit! We’re hit! Fallback, fallback! * sounds count off and switches back *

John: Well, crime never sleeps in Seattle. We confirm the criminals have open fire on our helicopter, but have only damage our camera. How will this impact the already bad morning traffic? Who were these criminal and will Lone Star catch them? K-News will keep you update via our Data-Node!

John Newtown • National News Hour
May 20th, 2073



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